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Medicaid is a state and federal funded program that offers assistance for medical cover to low income families and individuals. Initially, the program benefited only low income families, but due to the change in Medicaid requirements as well as regulations in different states, Medicaid now benefits children in low income families, the elderly as well as the disabled. Individual states are responsible for the establishment of eligibility requirements, laying down the type, cost, duration and range of services provided in respective states, setting the rates of payment for services provided and the management of the program in respective states.

Once you qualify for Medicaid, to apply for Medicaid online is easy since you do not need to drive to the department responsible for Medicaid provision. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

• Before you can apply for Medicaid online, you need to first know if you qualify for one. It is helpful to understand that Medicaid is a state managed program and so the requirements for eligibility and application procedures may vary from state to state. This therefore means that you should find out the requirements to qualify for Medicaid in your state. Basically, the persons eligible for Medicaid are:

  • Those that come from a family that earns a low income.
  • The aged, disabled or blind.
  • Infants whose mothers are entitled to Medicaid, at least throughout the baby’s first year
  • Children below 6 years
  • Women who are pregnant and earn an income that is below 133% FPL
  • Foster care beneficiaries
  • Certain groups of people such as those who lose receive social security income or any other supplementary income

• When wishing to apply for Medicaid online, remember to carry proof of your income with you as you will need to mail it to the respective department, and then wait for them to mail your ID card, which is what you will be required to provide in hospitals and other health facilities. To get more information on the application requirements, visit the government Housing and Health Services website and read through it. Using the internet search engines, type in the keywords Medicaid or Medicaid Application. If you need to search by state, then include your state in the keywords and search. Out of the list of Medicaid sites that appear, chose the one that seems most applicable for your medical condition. It is advisable to first fill out the free online quotes, listing down all available companies, and going through them one at a time. Once you have filled out the free quotes, it is good that you be patient and wait for a call or mail from the company.

• Fill out each required detail and once you complete filling this in, send it to the respective address.

Online application is quite easy and fast since it is a step by step application, and contains instructions on how to go about it. If you follow the instructions, you will successfully fill out and submit your application.

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