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It is a good thing to qualify for Medicaid. Now the most difficult and important part is finding doctors who accept Medicaid. It is important to know that most doctors are not willing to accept Medicaid patients, and this has made it quite difficult for Medicaid holders to find a doctor willing to provide medical services to them. This is so due to the fact that the government offers very low payments, making it unprofitable for doctors. It is, however, not completely impossible since while there are many doctors who are not willing to accept the federal sponsored program, and there are still a few doctors who are willing to accept Medicaid holders.

It is notable that some Medicaid doctors only accept this state funded health program during certain times of the year. This is so due to the low compensation offered by the government that makes them become reluctant to take in any new Medicaid holders. It is only advisable that a Medicaid holder looks in all directions from church, clubs and in the office to try and find out if they can find any doctors who accept Medicaid. This requires a lot of patience, time and effort on your part.

You could also acquire a list of medical practitioners who take Medicaid holders from the Department of Health and Human Resources. Use this list to inquire whether the doctors listed are willing to accept a Medicaid patient, and if not, move to the next one and do the same.

Another place to search for doctors who accept Medicaid is by using internet search engines. You can visit the US website for health and human resources and search for Medicaid providers, and click on providers. From there, follow the instructions, and have your personal information at hand as it may be required. There are two categories with which to go by and these are the participating and the non- participating. With non- participating, the doctor receives a small compensation from the Medicare program, and then the patient covers for most of the bill. Once you find a list of doctors who accept Medicaid, list them down and then narrow your list to your preferred option like general practitioner or specialist. Write down their numbers and call them. If they are not available at the moment, do not give up but be patient and try another day. This is because there are some times during the year that they are available and this could definitely be the time.

If you already have a doctor, then it is advisable to check if they accept Medicaid. It may be possible that they offer Medicaid services, or they may be willing to help you find a doctor who accepts Medicaid. You could also call up the doctors you know in your locality and ask them if they accept Medicaid. You could be surprised to find out that they do, and if they are not willing to take up new patients, they could advise or help you in one way or another.

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  2. Michael Pinto says:

    looking for a Dr. near Bridgewater NJ 08807

  3. K says:

    Looking to find a general surgeon in Illinois around the quad cities, or Clinton, IA area who excepts Illinois Medicaid for a person who has a benign adrenal oma that needs removal. Any referrals?

  4. K says:

    I apologised I posted this earlier but used the wrong address: Looking for a general surgeon in or around the Quad Cities or Clinton, IA area that accepts Illinois Medicaid for a woman who has a benign adrenal oma that needs to be removed. Any referrals?

  5. Christy says:

    Looking for primary care doctor and a specialist for my son.
    Much appreciated.

  6. tasha jones says:

    I am suffering from bipolar disorder and severe anxiety. I am currently cold turkey off of all meds. Zoloft, clonazepam, and zyprexa. I am having a very difficult time now that they have come completely out of my system. I do not have a doctor and mental health in my area keeps giving me the run around. I know all of my emotions are stymieing from the lack of medication. I am however at my very lowest point in my depression and i am almost completely out of control of my mental capabilities. I am scared to death to go to the hospital with these symptoms. I do have a daughter i raise on my own and i can not take a risk of being locked away some place against my will. I am all she has. I know that the medicine I am supposed to be taking works miracles. honestly all of my symptoms subside when i am able to take them as prescribed. I am hoping that someone can just point me in the right direction as far as a family doctor goes. I know what works and i have been trying different meds for about 10 years. i finally know what i need to be happy and normal and to be able to function in society and it has became impossible to get it in my possession. I will not take them from other individuals because of the feeling i have at this very point. I cant risk any self induced withdrawals. I live in Easley SC. Can u help me at all???

  7. sophal chhoun says:


  8. Denita him hey says:

    I have Medicaid and just moved to Corsicana,Texas my request is to find a family, pain management, neurologist, gastrology, doctors that will accept new patients with Medicaid?

  9. christina says:

    i need help to find another that deal with puedo seriuze

  10. nirmala guendoo says:

    i am trying to find a medicaid doctor in Chesapeake 23320 zip

  11. konita harris says:

    I need an doctor who can take care of my needs I receive ssi and Medicare I’m an anemic I constantly be in pain all over in my joints,back chest ,arms,legs,feet and migraine headaches fight now I have the flew had it about 1week and a half need something to clear that up

  12. Deloris says:

    trying to fine a Doctor that except medicade ,in Cincinnati ,Oh.

  13. Susan Krok says:

    I’ve recently received medicaid. I do not drive and have been diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. I need to find a medical doctors who accepts straight medicaid and a psychiatrist as well. I live in Harrison, New Jersey. I am able to go to Newark or Jersey City New Jersey to see a doctor. I need the straight Medicaid doctors because I have no income nor do I have any other health insurance coverage. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Mary Louise Imlay says:

    I have Nevada medicaid and I need a doctor to help me with the injuries I sustained in a head on collision 2 years ago. I suffer from PTSD and bouts absentmindness. Please contact me ASAP. I live in Pahrump, Nevada.

  15. Donna Walton says:

    Looking for a doctor that treats asthma an skin disorders

  16. Orlanda Thomas says:

    I need a doctor that takes medicaid,but also listens to me when I explained my pain. I HURT everyday,allday,in my back ,legs,feet,arms,head,chest,spine. It gets to the point to sometimes I don’t know if I can take it. I have a defibrillator and then had five conjested heart failures. One pain doctor said I four bad disk in the bottom of my back,and arthritis in the top of my spine. The next doctor said my whole spine is shifting. I am a dieobetic,have high cholesterol,loose the feeling in my legs. Medicaid only pay for so much, but I need alot more help. I’ve even been suicidal.I have been on drugs. But I am trying to change things I am in the process of getting help. I am in drug treatment,seeing a therapist.All I ask is give me a chance help me with my pain so I can help myself please.All I can do is ask

  17. Norma Lotsof says:

    I need an ophthalmologist (surgeon) who accepts both medicare (Emblem Health-GHI) and medicaid. After I had the cataract removed from my right eye I discovered that my surgeon did not accept medicaid and I find it impossible to raise the funds to cover the co-pay I am expected to pay.

  18. Donna Christensen says:

    Looking for Medicare online doctors who well prescribe xanax
    In Oklahoma

  19. lisa says:

    Why do they even give you medicaid if hardly any of the doctors will accept it? Doesn’t make sense. I’d tell the state thanks, but no thanks especially since most doctors won’t accept it. It’s probably better to buy into your own insurance or try to take care of yourself. Most of these doctors are just out for the money anyway & half of them aren’t any good to begin with.

  20. Amanda Wall says:

    Looking for a doctor who will prescribe pain meds in burner creedmoor N.C. that accepts medicaid

  21. Brandy Georgeson says:

    Need a family doctor in Oregon Ohio or Toledo ohio…I have Ohio medicaid

  22. Erica Oguinn says:

    I am trying to get my son in for some neurological testing. I am needing a Dr whom will take his Texas Medicaid. I really need help.

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