Medicaid Billing

Medicaid billing is the process through which your statement of what you have spent is created. The contents of the bill should match the medical equipment or services that you have obtained. Medicaid is meant for any citizen who cannot afford the regular health insurance due to some financial strains. As a practitioner, you should be aware that the funds are given by the government. You should be careful and fill in just what the patient has spent. If you make an error and add other things that the patient does not know about, you can be accused of fraud. You have to be very careful with such mistakes as this can lead to legal tussle. To be able to handle the Medicaid billing and patients appropriately, here are some factors that you need to be aware of:

1. The qualifying factor: You have to make sure that the patient qualifies for the medical cover. There are some cards that the patient will show and they contain all the relevant details about the patients cover with Medicaid. If the patient does not meet the criteria, then you will not get the reimbursement. As a medical services provider, you have to make sure that you have given the Medicaid offices all the details about the patient and the services that you have offered. This health insurer keeps a close track of the patients. They will want to know the kind of services that you are offering and the medicines that are given.

2. The excluded services and equipment: This is very important. You should take time to know the kind of things that the insurer will not pay for. This is a common happening in most covers. They do not include some added services as the ambulance and dental fees. In many instances, the general medical examinations are not listed in the package. You should learn from Medicaid about what you can offer their patients and claim back. In case where you provide the exempted ones, you have to ask the patient to pay for services. There are some government institutions that are supposed to offer some of the medical services to this bracket of income earners. There, the prices are subsidized but you are not allowed to bill Medicaid. You should never include a missed appointment in the Medicaid billing. Medicaid is very keen on the fraud related happenings.

3. The documents: You should have clear documents about the Medicaid patients. This kind of transparency will foster a great working relationship between you and the practitioners. You have to bear in mind that you are required to provide very accurate information that can be verified. If the patient is on along medical process, you have to make a clear report outlining the kind of medical procedures that are required and how it will help the patient. There are some forms that you fill these details for every patient that you treat. This is the best way to ensure that you are giving the right statements about the Medicaid patients.

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