Medicaid Doctors

It is quite hard for those receiving federal funding to find Medicaid doctors, whether a specialist or a general practitioner, willing to accept this kind of insurance due to payments. Many doctors find the payments offered by the government much lower and the paperwork involved an additional cost to the doctors, thereby forcing them out of the system. Not to mention that the government has a practice of reducing the reimbursement instead of increasing them, as well as failing to cover for the actual cost involved in giving the services. It is a notable phenomenon that doctors are running from the Medicaid system and even those that do take any patients take only a few, making it very difficult for one to find a doctor. Indeed it is not impossible but it definitely takes a lot of time, patience and effort to get Medicaid doctors.

Tips on How to find a Medicaid doctor

With many doctors refusing to take Medicaid patients, it is good that you keep in mind that it could be difficult to get a Medicaid doctor and though you may find a clinic that accepts Medicaid, do not rush to make appointments since they may not easily take you in, leaving you with only one option- the emergency room. That is the only circumstance that could guarantee you attention.

It is advisable that you start by searching for Medicaid providers from your department of local health, in order to get more information. You could also choose to go through online directories as they contain a few Medicare and Medicaid doctors and though it could be very difficult to secure yourself an appointment, they may be beneficial in terms of providing you with relevant information about various available Medicaid doctors. You can take advantage of this opportunity and find out all you can from these doctors as they are in a good position to offer you reliable information on the matter.

All you need to do is to visit the Medicaid website, take the provided address and search it, making sure that you all relevant information such as your address so as to fill in if need be. List down all the available providers, narrowing down your list to only what is most appropriate for you. Take down all the numbers provided and call, making inquiries as to whether they could accept Medicaid at that time, if not, do not give up simply call on a later day.

Due to the fact that Medicaid pays lower than private providers, many doctors usually limit their number of intakes, but there are specific times throughout the year when some Medicaid doctors accept Medicaid patients. It is therefore advisable that you try again later you never know, you might find one who is willing to accept at that time.

Private insurers tend to be more interested in having their HMO doctors going for government covered patients. Not to mention Prepaid Health Plans that are operated in hospitals accept Medicaid patients, so this could be an area that you could also check.

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  2. jimmiebrooks says:

    I am looking for a doctor who takes medicaid I am from Buffalo NY. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and nueropthy I need a doctor soon as possible

  3. michelle haynes says:

    Just tryin to get me a better family doctor

  4. antonette filer says:

    I looking for a doctor to screen me for my health thank you

  5. Tami Norris says:

    my husband and I are looking for a family physician as soon as possible

  6. Kelly says:

    I’m looking for a doctor who takes Medicaid and can take my gaullbladder out.

  7. STEVEN FARMER says:

    I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and neuropathy,
    I need a doctor soon… in zip code 35214.

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