Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid fraud is a serious offence. If you find yourself as a victim of such a crime, you should make the effort to report to the authorities immediately. This is the situation where you find that you have been charged more than is supposed to indicate in your hospital bill. One reason could be that you did not get the drugs or the services that you are being asked to pay for. It is a common happening where unscrupulous practitioners will ask for payment of treatment that never took place. This means that you have to be very keen and always take your time to evaluate the medical bills that you receive. Here are some ideas on how you can report such a problem to the authorities:

1. You get to know the kind of Medicaid fraud that has taken place and understand the dimensions as well as the circumstances under which it took place. It can be an issue between you and a doctor who is claiming to have offered you the services or medical equipment. The actual bill can be inflated to a given level. In some circumstances, the doctor might have carried out a medical procedure that you did not need and gone ahead to claim the money.

2. You should check out how much money has been involved in the fraud. This means that you look in to the statements and invoices that show the charges that you have been billed. You should mark out the figures that you can explain in the statement and they will be followed up to establish their authenticity. You should have clear explanation about the treatment or incident under which the amount falls. If you can recall it, the better. This makes it very important to scan through your bills and medical invoices to ensure that you are not getting bills that you did not benefit from.

3. The next step would definitely be to talk to the institution that is involved. You should get all the relevant details including the name and other details about the doctor who treated or who is alleging that you received the medical services or equipment. The physical address is very vital as well as other information that can make it easy to get in touch with the medic. If you are not able to get these details, you can still go ahead and report any Medicaid fraud. You will be assisted to carry out the investigation.

4. You should write a letter to Medicaid. This will mark the beginning of the process of the investigation to unveil the fraud. You have to give all your details and the relevant information about your Medicaid cover. You should not live out the fine details such as the dates and times when the incidents are said to have taken place. In fact, you can get the copies of the statements and attach them together. This will ensure that the people who are involved in the Medicaid fraud will be brought to book with sufficient evidence.

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